Welcome to Campus Hi-Fi

We would like to welcome you to the Campus Hi-Fi. This restaurant, food bar, diner has been serving London since the 1950’S, and is one of the few fixtures that have survived the constant upgrading of Richmond row. Thru the years many Londoners and visiting UWO and Fanshawe students have come to experience the unique character of this placed, and enjoyed a reasonably priced, tasty and filling meal.

With such a varied and tasty menu selections, we ask that you request only the substitutions already allowed for in the menu. We will continue to accommodate to all your eatery desires to the best of our ability, but we will like to avoid any substitutions during our busy hours. Substitutions, and changes to the menu during these hours eliminate any efficiencies that allow our prices to remain economical and reasonable. If you still require a change to your meal, it will be subject to an up charge.  We thank you for your continued patronage.

Campus HiFi Store Front